Financial operations,
on autopilot.

Revenue and payout platform purpose-built for the insurance ecosystem.
Streamline revenue reconciliation, commission payables, and reporting. Unlock efficiency and growth.

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End-to-end commission operations
Reduce costs and grow your business

We complement your finance team and work with AMS, CRM, and accounting systems to supercharge your cashflow. Fintary combines AI powered data extraction, reconciliation, and end-to-end workflow automation designed for helping you optimize revenue and supercharge your producer base.

Revenue reconciliation

  • Automatically extract, map, and categorize data from carrier and broker statements.
  • Manage, cleanse, and ingest commission data feeds.
  • Simplified review and reconciliation workflows customized for finance teams.
  • Two-way data integrations with AMS and CRM systems.

Robust payout

  • Design and manage flexible incentive programs to unblock your producer base.
  • Implement robust and fast payout with employees, agents, and partners.
  • Dynamic producer level reporting and analytics.
  • Individual payee access with policy level visibility.

Unparalleled intelligence

  • Uncover cash flow gaps, producer insights, and business opportunities.
  • Track churn, persistence, profitability at your fintertips.
  • Forecast revenue so that you can plan better and grow faster.

Drive business impact with Fintary


Reduction in manual work


faster monthly close


Increase in gross profit margin


increase in visibility across the board 🚀

Connect your data sources

We integrate with major AMS and CRM systems for two-way policy and commission data syncing. Our financial data quality platform does the hard work so that you can have peace of mind.

Why Fintary?

Save time

Say goodbye to manual data entry, line-by-line reconciliation, broken spreadsheets, and repetitive follow ups.

Drive growth

Grow your producer and partner base by enabling flexible and accurate payments.

Accelerate cash

Recover missing revenue and forecast cash with granular level visibility and centralized data.

What people say about us

“Fintary helped us project our business growth so we could stay prepared for the growth ahead of time”

Sergie K.

Insurance Agency Owner

“Fintary pays for itself - it's helped us identify missing commission payments which was money just left on the table”

Bryant C.
Insurance Broker

“Fintary gives me transparency into my cash flow that was not possible before. I'm glad to find this groundbreaking solution”

Jason B.
Insurance business owner

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