Our mission is to make it simple to operate your financial back office and grow your business

Finance and accounting teams today are burdened by complicated software and costly services that hinder their focus and growth.

We provide solutions that support and drive your business so that you can focus on what you do best.

About us

Fintary is building better financial software in conjunction with existing industry systems and processes.

We've designed our platform to work with prominent AMS, CRM, and administration systems. We have experienced first hand the difficulty of setting up the right foundation and many missed opportunities due to outdated, siloed, and costly systems.

We take the pain out of managing systems and provide peace of mind for growing your business.

Founding story

Our co-founder founded a nationwide insurance brokerage and realized that there's a better way for businesses to operate their back office.
The founding team of technologists and industry experts witnessed the potential for the latest technologies to transform workflows and processes that were previously difficult to manage.

We got started in the insurance industry and are looking bring modern experiences to the industry.

Our values

Customer Centricity

Solving our customer's pain points and delivering value is at the core of everything we do.

First principles thinking

We strive to understand problems at a fundamental level and design innovative and effective solutions.

One team, one dream

Our company culture is built on collaboration and a shared commitment to achieving common goals.

Be bold

Have the courage to move fast and make long lasting impact with innovative products and services.
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